Blasting back to their more rock based roots, Armstrong are back with an explosive new song "Morning", a song about making a big life-changing decision and how it affects the people around you. It’s about having that final night with the person you love before your decision possibly changes everything: "Can we leave it til the Morning..."

"Glorious pop-rock that pops and, you guessed it, rocks... Armstrong have a hit on their hands with Morning."

BBC Radio Surrey 2022

Home Street Bleeding

Now with the end of Lockdown in sight, Armstrong return once again with an all new sound “Home Street Bleeding”. Tom had the rest of the band on his back about writing the lyrics for this song idea that he missed the deadline for, and had been postponing for a while, at the same time he was trying to make other decisions in his life that were going to impact him and his girlfriend that he had been delaying too. “I was ill, bedridden and feeling sorry for myself… I just started thinking about how they were being held back and having their time wasted, all because I couldn’t get my act together, and that I was the reason that they weren’t moving forward in their life, they were just left to ‘bleed out’ on their ‘home street’.”


"Strong-arming their way into our hearts,  Home Street bleeding is a Springsteen sized rocker with a chorus built for stadiums."

BBC Radio Surrey 2021

"This song masterfully mixes frustration, sadness, hopelessness, and hope to leave you with a melody that will pick you up when life knocks you down. I think this is Armstrong's best work yet."


“Bear" is about the lifelong friendship between Tom’s Dad and Bear, who was diagnosed with leukaemia. The song captures the emotional anguish of discovering Bear's illness, reminiscing their youth and precious friendship. "Bear" encapsulates the determination of a friend, doing whatever is needed to help someone you care about. Tom's Dad took up a strict lifestyle for months so that if it was needed, he could give Bear bone marrow, hence the core lyric: "Take all you need to keep on, 'cause I need you more than my bones".

“...Bear, drives the band way past the Glendale EP and straight into the future of their own distinct sound - and we love it. Elevated by an atmospheric soundscape and bejewelled with sweet sax and silky layered vocals, it dives deep with meaningful lyrics.” 


“Bear will remind you that you’re not alone... and will surely help you through tough times...” 


“…this song is beautiful on so many levels, and a fabulous listen”


"This is anthemic indie-rock at its finest"