Named after a guy called Bob, Armstrong are a 3 piece, independent band from the South East of England. Their anthemic indie rock is infused with emotionally driven lyrics, catchy pop melodies and a driving rhythm section to create their unique and signature wall of sound.  

Tom (Vocals & Guitar) and Will (Bass & Backing Vocals), have been playing music together since they were 8 years old, but it wasn't until they met Ollie (Drums) in secondary school that they began to develop their sound, eventually emerging as Armstrong in 2018. In September 2019 they released their debut EP "Glendale", named-so after staying in Glendale, Los Angeles earlier that year. 

In March 2020 they embarked on their tour including dates in Sheffield, Lancaster, Guildford and more! Shows include: Headline at the Boileroom, The Dublin Castle (Camden), West Street Live (Sheffield), Star Inn (Guildford), West End Centre (Aldershot), The Fiery Bird (Woking), Samfest (Tongham) & Guildford Beer Festival. 100 performances since 2018 and counting! 

During Lockdown they kept together by doing distanced sessions in their drummer's driveway. Leading to the release of their much anticipated single "Bear", about friendship or anyone special to you, the love you have for them, and what you’d do for them. Now with the end of Lockdown in sight, Armstrong return once again with an all new sound “Home Street Bleeding”. Tom had the rest of the band on his back about writing the lyrics for this song idea that he missed the deadline for, and had been postponing for a while, at the same time he was trying to make other decisions in his life that were going to impact him and his girlfriend that he had been delaying too. “I was ill, bedridden and feeling sorry for myself… I just started thinking about how they were being held back and having their time wasted, all because I couldn’t get my act together, and that I was the reason that they weren’t moving forward in their life, they were just left to ‘bleed out’ on their ‘home street’.”